ModeCW is a turn-key operated, high-power and low-noise MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) laser at 1560 nm wavelength. It is a one-box solution that includes control electronics, power supply and the optical engine. Ideal for laboratory experimental research in metrology, atom cooling, spectroscopy. A perfect source for pumping of Cr:ZnS/Se oscillators.

Main features:

Central wavelength Between 1550 - 1570 nm
Output type Fiber output, PM1550 Panda, FC/APC connector. End-cap output upon request. Typical fiber length between 1-3 m
Output power Up to 6W CW, adjustable (300mW - 6W)
Polarization Linear, PER > 25 dB
Additional inputs/outputs Monitor output (> 3 mW, FC/APC), additional outputs possible upon request
RS232 port for communication and remote control
Output power stability < 0.1% rms over 20 hours
Dimensions  485x330x135mm (WxLxH), single-box solution, 19" Rack 3U


Fig. 1. Optical spectrum of the ModeCW1560 output.

Fig. 2. Long-term output power (over 12 hours) of the ModeCW1560.

Fig. 3. Relative intensity noise (RIN) of the ModeCW1560 at different output power levels.