Industrial-grade ultrashort laser pulse sources

Mode-Locked Technology has extensive experience in delivering photonic components and systems for demanding industrial applications where stability, reliability, and innovative solutions are crucial. Years of collaboration with leading industrial firms and institutes on generation of ultra short laser pulses have resulted in the development of exceptionally stable technology. This technology addresses fundamental issues faced by competing solutions, such as SESAM degradation. Notably, our unique passive absorber, “MOD-NALM” eliminates the possibility of degradation in short-pulse oscillators, offering previously unattainable long-term stability. Additionally, our innovative technology enables a monolithic fiber architecture, making the system resilient to environmental factors like temperature and vibrations.

Low-noise for Industry

Mode-Locked Technology, as a company, specializes in laser, measurement, and control system solutions that offer extremely low noise levels in both amplitude and phase. This enables them to provide parameters previously unattainable in the photonic market, such as pulse-to-pulse stability at the level of less than <0.5%, value of Relative Intensity Noise less than 0.02% (typical value of SESAM based sources is at the level of 0.05%) and femtosecond-level phase noise. The combination of low noise and long-term stability allows for unprecedented quality in industrial systems.

Industrial flexibility

In many current photonic industrial applications, besides stability also versatility and flexibility of laser sources are essential. Mode-Locked Technology has been developing optical technologies based on nonlinear optics for years, significantly expanding the capabilities of laser systems compared to traditional solutions. For instance, their sources offer a wide range of optical wavelengths (from typical rare-earth elements like Yb, Er, or Tm to the mid-infrared regime). Additionally, we provide controlled wavelength tuning based on individually developed stabilization technology.

Industrial mechanical stability

The most common challenge faced by small and medium-sized vendors of optical systems is lack of industrial optomechanical stability. This often results from the use of commonly used laboratory-grade commercial mechanical components, such as mirror mounts, mounting plates, or universal holders. Mode-Locked Technology provides a custom-designed optomechanical platform that offers industrial-grade stability, suitable for any conditions, and can be tailored to your specific application.