Mode-Locked Techhnology offers a broad range of ultrafast fiber laser products: femtosecond seed lasers, amplifiers, frequency-conversion modules, and customized products tailored for the customer needs.

Femtosecond 1560 nm oscillator
An all-fiber, SESAM-free oscillator delivering stable, femtosecond pulses at 1560 nm wavelength. Available with a variety of optional extensions (amplifier, repetition rate tuning, spectral conversion, etc.)
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Multi-wavelength femtosecond laser
ModeHybrid is a versatile high power fiber laser system with multiple outputs: 1560 nm, 1060 nm (up to 3W), and an octave-spanning supercontinum. Suited for most demanding scientific and industrial applications.
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780 nm femtosecond laser
ModeSHG is a compact, turn-key operated Er-doped fiber laser with second harmonic generation (760-780 nm), and integrated pulse-picker for repetition rate tuning. Ideal for multiphoton and fluorescence microscopy.
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Custom products
Mode-Locked Technology offers a variety of customized solutions, including femtosecond oscillators, amplifiers, nonlinear frequency conversion modules, laser diode drivers, etc. Contact us for more details!
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