Low-noise laser diode driver


The ModeLDC is a low-noise, all-in-one current source and temperature controller for laser diodes. It is available in two versions: with a maximum drive current of up to 1.5A (for 14-pin and 10-pin butterfly-packaged lasers) and a current of up to 15A for high-power laser diodes. 

Main features:

Technical parameters:

ModeLDC1A5 ModeLDC15A
Current control range 0 - 1.5 A 0 - 15A
Compliance voltage 2.5V 9V
Current setting resolution

100 µA via front panel knob

25 µA via remote control

10 mA
Current setting Accuracy ± (0.1% + 300 µA) ± (1% + 30 mA)
Noise and ripple RMS*

3.5 µA full modulation bandwidth

0.8 µA with noise reduction filter

30 µA
Noise Density (typ.) @ 1 kHz 5 nA/Hz1/2 200 nA/Hz1/2
Temperature coefficient < 10 ppm/K < 100 ppm/K
Current limit setting range 0.5mA to 1.5A 0mA to 15A
Current limit setting accuracy 1% 5%
Modulation bandwidth (3 dB)

DC to 300 kHz full bandwidth

DC to 10 kHz with noise reduction filter

DC to 50 kHz
Modulation coefficient 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 mA/V (selectable)
TEC current control range -1.8A / +1.8A 10A max.
TEC compliance voltage 5.5V 12V
TEC Maximum output power 10.5 W 120W
TEC Current resolution 1 mA 1 mA
NTC Thermistor resistance measurement range 100Ω - 500kΩ 100Ω - 500kΩ
NTC Sensor temperature control range -40oC to +180oC 40oC to +180oC
Temperature resolution (at 25oC) 0.002oC 0.01oC
Resistance resolution (at 25oC) 0.9Ω 10Ω
Temperature accuracy 0.5% 2%
Temperature setting range -10oC to +60oC 0oC to +60oC

Application notes - scientific publications

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